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Similar names:
Iaby  Uaby  Eaby  Oaby  Aabi 

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Anne31 Christopher19 Thomas14 John13 Lars13 Hanne13 Inger12 Sandra12 Christian10 Nils10 Ellen10 Michael10 Soren9 Diane9 Morten9 Erik9 Jorunn9 Anders9 Hans9 Karen9 Brian9 Martin9 David9 Kari8 Dorothy8 Stine8 Per8 Gerd8 Helge8 Julie8 Peter7 Mary7 Frank7 Maria7 Carl7 James7 Bente7 Pinky6 Irina6 Dana6 Lene6 Jens6 Kristin6 Henrik6 Anna6 Mikkel6 William5 Irene5 Alyce5 Henriette5 Camilla5 Marianne5 Hilde5 Harald5 Nina5 Dina5 Marvin5 Heber5 Juanita5 Kara5 Rolf5 Lyle5 Jennifer5 Sharon5 Jeremy5 Darrell5 Charlotte5 Joachim5 Sarah5 Robert5

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Worldwide popularity rank for Aaby is # 166229.   [+]
Found 1538 profiles and individuals called Aaby.
Preceded by: Amio(#166224), Alistar(#166225), Alhinai(#166226), Alabbas(#166227), Adendorff(#166228)
Succeeded by: Zois(#166230), Zanaboni(#166231), Yunika(#166232), Yenal(#166233), Yanthan(#166234)


English 39.5%, Danish 22.1%, Norwegian 17.4%


The name means "the farm beside the river" by is farm and aa is river, old scandinavic name (Gudveig Henryette Aaby)

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