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Aaliyah37 Princess36 Miss31 Baby22 Johnson21 Lil21 Williams20 Angel19 Jones16 Smith15 Brown14 Sexy14 Rip12 Davis11 Claire11 Pretty10 Allen10 Wilson9 Mizz9 Love8 Nur8 Taylor8 King8 Ashley8 Sarah8 Nicole8 Carter7 Hannah7 Kayla7 Robinson7 Chris7 Babygirl7 Imani7 Romeo7 Hailey7 Emily7 Muhammad6 Gaines6 Ashanti6 Gabriella6 Jackson6 Akasha6 Samira6 Adrianna6 Mia6 Hill6 Genesis6 Gina6 Sweet6 Rico6 Alexis6 Sabrina6 Ily6 Mitchell6 Jada5 Mya5 Grace5 Vanessa5 Giselle5 Maria5 Savannah5 Spide5 Thomas5 Danielle5 Mrs5 Precious5 Lee5 Abigail5 Cheraine5 Howard5

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Worldwide popularity rank for Aaliyah is # 52998.   [+]
Found 5139 profiles and individuals called Aaliyah.
Preceded by: Lindor(#52993), Jamar(#52994), Dragone(#52995), Champi(#52996), Altunok(#52997)
Succeeded by: Sarfo(#52999), Rossow(#53000), Pramudita(#53001), Lig(#53002), Dyar(#53003)


English 79.5%, Indonesian 5.7%, French 5.1%


The meaning of Aaliyah is "the ascent".

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