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Similar names:
Obadie  Abadia  Abadii  Abadio 

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Jean105 Pierre91 Michel73 Philippe63 Andre54 Robert52 Patrick49 Maria47 Claude44 Christophe44 Laurent44 Bernard42 Daniel42 David42 Eric41 Marie39 Marc39 Christian38 Paul38 Alain38 Jacques37 Catherine36 Rene36 Michael35 Gerard33 Vincent33 Pascal32 Thomas29 Joseph29 Nathalie28 Patricia28 Bruno27 Stephane27 Henri27 Stephanie26 Nicole26 Celine26 Laura26 Julie26 Louis26 John26 Isabelle26 Claire25 Juan25 Thierry25 Carlos25 Richard24 Michele24 Dominique24 Audrey24 Frederic23 Roger23 Jerome23 Martine23 Ana22 Guy22 Guillaume22 Georges22 Alexandre21 Benoit21 Jorge21 Didier21 Jessica21 Sandra21 Francis20 Jennifer20 Ann20 Elizabeth20 Francois19 Sandrine19

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Worldwide popularity rank for Abadie is # 25791.   [+]
Found 10445 profiles and individuals called Abadie.
Preceded by: Geoffroy(#25786), Bursa(#25787), Akiyama(#25788), Kapan(#25789), Chahar(#25790)
Succeeded by: Rutland(#25792), Najem(#25793), Kaplun(#25794), Soare(#25795), Osas(#25796)


Indonesian 39.1%, Spanish 21.7%, English 18.1%


The name ABADIE is native from southwestern part of France, mainly the Bearn region. It came from the Spanish word Abadia meaning Abbey. (ABADIE Bertrand)

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