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Similar names:
Aabbey  Ibbey  Ubbey  Abbei  Obbey 

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National656 John152 David146 James137 Richard127 Michael126 Robert112 Abbey102 Abiodun95 Paul87 Mark85 Mary84 Daniel78 William72 Christopher71 Life69 Thomas68 Barbara64 Linda62 Joseph61 Peter60 Samuel60 George60 Patricia59 Chris57 Emmanuel55 Jason55 Kevin54 Brian53 Elizabeth53 Edward52 Lisa51 Susan50 Laura50 Sarah49 Eric49 Charles49 Jessica48 Karen47 Jennifer46 Andrew46 Carol44 Christine44 Prince43 Jonathan43 Donald42 Michelle41 Nii41 Sharon41 Jean40 Steven40 Heather39 Naa39 Steve39 Stephen39 Mike38 Timothy38 Jon37 Anthony36 Joe35 Aaron35 Joshua35 Amanda35 Scott35 Keith34 Diane34 Amy33 Isaac33 Nancy33 Janet33

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Worldwide popularity rank for Abbey is # 8220.   [+]
Found 30073 profiles and individuals called Abbey.
Preceded by: Prime(#8215), Markelov(#8216), Brookes(#8217), Tackett(#8218), Fifi(#8219)
Succeeded by: Kabanov(#8221), Briscoe(#8222), Dennison(#8223), Rudi(#8224), Reichert(#8225)


English 89.3%, French 4.6%, Indonesian 2.1%


The meaning of Abbey is "My father rejoices".
Origin of Abbey is Hebrew.

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