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Similar names:
Ubbie  Ibbie  Ebbie  Obbie  Abbio  Abbii 

Common first names: [show]

Abbie44 Sexy31 Ummie23 Angel17 Princess17 John14 Gabbie13 Smith12 Lil11 Dear11 Jones10 Gabby10 Amazing10 Jessica10 Love10 Sweet9 Lee9 Lovely9 Abby8 Stephanie8 Crazy8 Hall8 David8 Gail8 Cute7 Miss7 Miller7 Ammie7 Olive7 Scabbie7 Jess7 Sam7 Kate7 Jackson7 Ask6 Emily6 Pretty6 Little6 Sxc6 Real6 Ashley6 Paul6 Sarah6 Lauren6 Grace6 Abigail6 Laura6 Abbey6 Nicole6 Baby6 George6 Ruth6 Jimmy6 Gabriel6 Kathleen5 Prince5 Blake5 Joyce5 Gregory5 Sophia5 Henry5 Xsexy5 Taylor5 Linda5 Abdullah5 Ummi5 Camilla5 Noah5 Garcia5 Happy5

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Worldwide popularity rank for Abbie is # 63923.   [+]
Found 4239 profiles and individuals called Abbie.
Preceded by: Ghandi(#63918), Fonti(#63919), Fellow(#63920), Farrand(#63921), Desforges(#63922)
Succeeded by: Valdemar(#63924), Turbeville(#63925), Talosig(#63926), Surnina(#63927), Suca(#63928)


English 67.3%, Indonesian 21.7%, Chinese 4.4%


The meaning of Abbie is " ".

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