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Similar names:
Ibby  Ubby  Ebby  Obby  Abbi 

Common first names: [show]

Abby268 Princess86 Sexy61 Baby61 Shep61 Abigail57 Gabby49 Ummy48 Angel46 Smith43 Crabby42 Lil39 Garcia38 Love35 Hernandez34 Pretty29 Miss28 Lopez28 Sweet27 Cute25 Lee24 John24 Gail24 Little23 Nur23 Scabby23 Brown20 Johnson19 Siti19 Mary18 Sarah18 Cool18 Miller18 Dear18 Gaby17 Mark17 Prince17 Rodriguez17 Ask17 Abhishek16 Paul16 Marie15 Martinez15 James15 Bunda15 Linda14 Michelle14 Gonzalez14 Abdul14 Lovely14 Cutie14 Awesome14 Chris14 Jones14 Jessica13 Williams13 Diane13 Perez13 Ako13 Santos13 Jay13 Hot13 Henry13 Crazy13 Ammy13 Nicole12 Nancy12 Rose12 Dave12 Nadia12

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Worldwide popularity rank for Abby is # 11237.   [+]
Found 22752 profiles and individuals called Abby.
Preceded by: Lapshin(#11232), Gali(#11233), Cakes(#11234), Taggart(#11235), Simao(#11236)
Succeeded by: Elsa(#11238), Neubauer(#11239), Hop(#11240), Lapshina(#11241), Neilson(#11242)


English 62.2%, Indonesian 14.8%, Spanish 6.9%


The meaning of Abby is "My father rejoices".
Origin of Abby is Hebrew.

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