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Similar names:
Abet  Abeg  Abej  Abex  Abez  Abeb  Aber  Abel  Abek  Ibed  Abes  Abeh  Aben  Abem  Abeq  Abedi 

Common first names: [show]

Abed471 Mohamed348 Ahmed303 Ali253 Mohammad216 Ahmad215 Mohammed195 Abo128 Abu108 Mahmoud102 Omar102 Alaa94 Hassan87 Khaled81 Abd78 Mohamad74 Ibrahim73 Sara65 Samir65 Abdul63 Karim62 Amine61 Hamza61 Sami60 Nadia59 Fatima58 Adel55 Yousef50 Amal49 Abou47 Noor46 Hala46 Med45 Jamal45 Aya45 Hamid43 Walid42 Hussein42 Amir42 Amer42 Rami41 Sam41 Said41 Mostafa40 Ayman40 Imad40 Emad39 Sarah39 Salah39 Nour38 Maher38 Abdullah38 Rana38 Mustafa38 Mehdi37 Heba37 Samer37 Khalid37 Amar36 Osama36 Tarek36 Hazem35 Bassam34 Kamel33 Reem32 Hanan32 Ammar32 Hiba32 Haitham31 David31

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Worldwide popularity rank for Abed is # 6224.   [+]
Found 38438 profiles and individuals called Abed.
Preceded by: Lawton(#6219), Chip(#6220), Basile(#6221), Santtos(#6222), Gall(#6223)
Succeeded by: Paulsen(#6225), Astudillo(#6226), Ahir(#6227), Arts(#6228), Dear(#6229)


Arabic 38.8%, English 31.7%, French 19.2%


The meaning of Abed is "Worshipper, Adorer".
Origin of Abed is Arabic.
This name is current in algeria and in many regions. It is told that families with this name came from Al Andalous (Spain) after 1492 (falling of the islamic civilisation in Europe). (Abed)

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