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Similar names:
Abeeq  Abeem  Abeel  Aabeer  Abeek  Abeep  Ubeer  Abees  Obeer  Abeej  Abeev  Abeez  Abeeh  Abeet  Abeed 

Common first names: [show]

Abeer182 Eng24 Princess23 Ahmed15 Ana15 Ali14 Mohammad13 Abo12 Syed12 Muhammad11 Abu11 Sweet10 Mohamed9 Anees9 Ahmad9 Hamza8 Prince7 Rana7 Bero7 Arafat7 Tanvir7 Hania7 Saad7 Asif7 Salman7 Muhamad6 Hasib6 Ayaan6 Arif6 Aisha6 Amr6 Smart6 Hina6 Hasan6 Syeda6 Abdullah6 Beer6 Nada6 Khan6 Yassin5 Miss5 Pretty5 Alharbi5 Asma5 Abrar5 Mian5 Mustafa5 Maha5 Innocent5 Said5 Farhan5 Rabia5 Rose5 Habeeb5 Aya5 Abeera5 Hani4 Hareeqa4 Hanan4 Hadia4 Hana4 Beroo4 Qazi4 Gaffoor4 Hatem4 Habiba4 Hassen4 Hassan4 Hadi4 Hamia4

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Worldwide popularity rank for Abeer is # 61315.   [+]
Found 4425 profiles and individuals called Abeer.
Preceded by: Knutsson(#61310), Hauger(#61311), Cleaves(#61312), Carelse(#61313), Blaker(#61314)
Succeeded by: Shetye(#61316), Parrella(#61317), Klen(#61318), Hetland(#61319), Hasrat(#61320)


English 62.9%, Arabic 32.6%, Indonesian 1.3%


The meaning of Abeer is "Strong; brave".
Origin of Abeer is Hebrew.

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