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Similar names:
Ubele  Ibele  Ebele  Obele  Abelu  Abelo  Abeli 

Common first names: [show]

John82 Thomas66 Michael61 Robert57 Peter39 William36 Karl34 Janis33 Paul31 David31 James30 Martin30 Joseph29 Richard29 Jennifer27 Hans26 Anna26 Mary25 Manfred24 Lisa24 Josef24 Christine24 Linda24 Christian23 Susan23 Daniel22 Dieter22 Christopher22 Klaus21 Helmut21 Andreas21 Patricia20 Maria20 Alexander20 Sandra20 Wolfgang19 Gerhard19 Anton19 Chris19 Anita18 Kenneth18 Melissa18 Ulrich18 Walter18 George18 Mark18 Patrick17 Franz17 Kurt17 Mike17 Herbert17 Andrea17 Abele17 Roland16 Werner16 Markus16 Diane16 Laura16 Kevin16 Gerald16 Jochen15 Dennis15 Anne15 Charles15 Bettina15 Michelle15 Frank15 Elizabeth15 Rita15 Ann15

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Worldwide popularity rank for Abele is # 36982.   [+]
Found 7357 profiles and individuals called Abele.
Preceded by: Sareen(#36977), Kurniadi(#36978), Konopleva(#36979), Frenette(#36980), Despain(#36981)
Succeeded by: Strode(#36983), Schenkel(#36984), Sadowska(#36985), Passalacqua(#36986), Deveau(#36987)


English 53.8%, German 14.7%, French 9.1%


The meaning of Abele is "Italian form of ABEL".

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