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Similar names:
Occardi  Accardo  Iccardi  Uccardi  Accarde 

Common first names: [show]

Giuseppe115 Joseph101 Salvatore65 Anthony64 Maria61 Michael61 John59 Giovanni56 Vincenzo42 Vincent39 Vito39 Antonino36 Andrea35 Frank33 Joe32 Marco31 Giacomo31 Angela31 Francesco30 Lisa30 Mario30 Thomas30 Antonio29 Mary28 Anna28 Pietro26 Gaetano24 James23 Gaspare23 David23 Carlo23 Luigi23 Sandra22 Stefano21 Luca21 Christine20 Rosario20 Michele20 Robert20 Angelo19 Michelle19 Peter19 Paul19 Francesca19 Alex19 Barbara18 Patricia18 Carmelo17 Nicholas17 Sarah17 Laura16 Susan16 Alessandro16 Paolo16 Matteo15 Mike15 Mark15 Domenico15 Lauren15 Karen15 Jennifer15 Andrew15 Claudia15 William15 Caterina14 Catherine14 Jean14 Nicole14 Sara14 Simona14

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Worldwide popularity rank for Accardi is # 40910.   [+]
Found 6650 profiles and individuals called Accardi.
Preceded by: Priluchnaya(#40905), Nario(#40906), Kurniati(#40907), Gorska(#40908), Biswa(#40909)
Succeeded by: Volokhova(#40911), Vikulova(#40912), Sovest(#40913), Songer(#40914), Sif(#40915)


Italian 40.2%, English 35.4%, Spanish 17.8%


The meaning of Accardi is " Variant of ACARDI".

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