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Similar names:
Ackel  Ecker  Ucker  Acked  Ackep  Acken  Icker  Ackeh  Ackef  Ocker  Acket  Ackes  Aacker  Ackerley  Ackerman  Ackermann  Ackers 

Common first names: [show]

Robert241 David205 James195 John195 Michael188 Thomas152 William140 Mary124 Jennifer120 Barbara111 Richard110 Charles106 Susan102 Chris101 Patricia97 Daniel97 Paul97 Lisa95 Karen93 Brian92 Linda84 Sarah83 Andrew78 Nancy76 Kevin75 Scott73 Mark72 Jessica71 Sandra71 Amy69 Gary69 Melissa68 Ryan68 Amanda67 Joseph67 Elizabeth64 Mike64 Christopher63 George62 Stephanie62 Matthew61 Carol61 Donald61 Peter61 Ronald59 Deborah58 Michelle58 Jason57 Julie55 Justin55 Nicole55 Terry54 Christine54 Timothy53 Eric51 Frank51 Cynthia51 Diane50 Steve49 Kenneth49 Donna49 Jonathan49 Stephen48 Steven48 Sharon48 Pamela48 Edward48 Heather47 Laura47 Jean47

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Worldwide popularity rank for Acker is # 9724.   [+]
Found 25911 profiles and individuals called Acker.
Preceded by: Pap(#9719), Blais(#9720), Topuz(#9721), Rudakov(#9722), Ard(#9723)
Succeeded by: Rhea(#9725), Sysoev(#9726), Anokhina(#9727), Alicea(#9728), Nizar(#9729)


English 51.6%, Dutch 18.9%, French 7.9%


The meaning of Acker is "Field or agricultural land".
Origin of Acker is German.

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