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John46 Robert44 David28 William25 Paul25 Brian22 James19 Michael18 Richard18 Peter17 Ian16 Elizabeth16 Steven15 Julie15 Sarah15 Chris14 Alan14 Mark13 Thomas12 Nancy11 Shane11 Mary11 Tom11 Sean11 Christine10 Edward10 Lisa10 Louise10 Anthony10 Carl10 Patricia10 Joseph10 Anne9 Eve9 Margaret9 Karen9 Sam9 Neil9 Bruce9 Nora9 Barbara9 Stephen9 Kevin9 Jeanne9 Deborah9 Benjamin9 Charles9 George9 Barry9 Andrew9 Dorothy9 Christopher9 Sandra8 Maureen8 Julian8 Diane8 Angela8 Ben8 Jane8 Jenny8 Emma8 Simon8 Michelle8 Diana8 Amanda8 Laura7 Janet7 Joyce7 Susan7 Andrea7

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Worldwide popularity rank for Ackerley is # 98890.   [+]
Found 2692 profiles and individuals called Ackerley.
Preceded by: Cirkin(#98885), Bhavya(#98886), Ashad(#98887), Allawi(#98888), Albertino(#98889)
Succeeded by: Abdulmajeed(#98891), Abdol(#98892), Voytik(#98893), Utan(#98894), Trips(#98895)


English 65.1%, Indonesian 19.6%, Spanish 12.1%


The meaning of Ackerley is "Dweller at the acre meadow".
Origin of Ackerley is Old English.

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