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Similar names:
Ackerl  Uckers  Ackerd  Ackerm  Ackerz  Ackerf  Ockers  Eckers  Ackert  Ickers 

Common first names: [show]

David41 John30 Paul27 William19 Michael19 Andrew18 Peter17 Michelle16 Keith16 Linda16 Mark15 Richard15 Patricia15 Thomas13 Brian13 Darren13 Diane12 Gary12 Charles12 Sarah12 Julie11 Dorothy11 Graham11 Ian11 Ashley11 Robert11 Barbara11 Ryan11 Simon11 Glen10 Susan10 Elizabeth10 Phil10 Neil10 Christine10 Hayley10 Carl10 Christopher9 Leanne9 George9 Sandra9 Daniel9 Chris9 Marie9 Megan9 Alan9 Oliver9 Anthony9 Kelly9 Jennifer9 Eileen9 Louise9 Joseph9 Helen9 Donna9 James8 Lisa8 Ronald8 Timothy8 Heather8 Sabrina8 Mike8 Brandon8 Dennis8 Kathleen8 Jim8 Harry8 Margaret8 Denise8 Joanne8

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Worldwide popularity rank for Ackers is # 88404.   [+]
Found 3032 profiles and individuals called Ackers.
Preceded by: Barinas(#88399), Bapary(#88400), Ayutthaya(#88401), Alewine(#88402), Akbey(#88403)
Succeeded by: Yasine(#88405), Worster(#88406), Vha(#88407), Velpula(#88408), Varnes(#88409)


English 85.5%, German 7.4%, Spanish 2.5%

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