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Similar names:
Iddy  Uddy  Eddy  Oddy  Addi 

Common first names: [show]

Addy178 John141 Mark100 James95 David92 Michael88 William75 Richard72 Nii71 Robert69 Daniel61 Mary58 Paul51 Susan50 Chris49 Lisa48 Thomas48 Stephen48 Adnan46 Joseph45 Eric44 Emmanuel44 Linda42 Elizabeth39 Donna38 Brian38 Naa37 Mohd37 George36 Samuel36 Rebecca36 Sarah35 Charles35 Aditya34 Jason34 Michelle33 Rachel33 Jean33 Helen33 Kevin32 Joyce32 Christopher32 Eddy32 Henry31 Barbara30 Patricia29 Philip29 Prince28 Sam28 Jennifer28 Edward28 Alfred27 Julie27 Leslie26 Donald26 Dorothy26 Peter25 Jonathan25 Frank25 Craig25 Andrew25 Joe25 Alex25 Keith24 Margaret24 Laura24 Steven24 Jane24 Sandra24 Sharon23

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Worldwide popularity rank for Addy is # 12943.   [+]
Found 19946 profiles and individuals called Addy.
Preceded by: Trofimenko(#12938), Mcmaster(#12939), Cattaneo(#12940), Vdovin(#12941), Rusanova(#12942)
Succeeded by: Sass(#12944), Pereda(#12945), Pasa(#12946), Agostinho(#12947), Headley(#12948)


English 68.8%, Indonesian 10.3%, Malay 7%


The meaning of Addy is "Of the earth".
Origin of Addy is Hebrew.

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