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Similar names:
Udele  Idele  Edele  Odele  Adelu  Adelo  Adeli  Adeleke 

Common first names: [show]

Adele293 Aurora30 Carla28 Marie27 Bonnie27 Corinne26 Daisy25 Clara25 Pascale25 Prince24 Maria24 Belinda24 Betty23 Lesley23 Dora23 Cecilia23 Princess23 Tina22 Barbara21 Juliana21 Celia21 Adeline21 Arabella21 Lucille21 Alexis21 Miss20 Elvira20 Lizzy20 April19 Claudia19 Eleanor19 Adel19 Cassandra18 Eveline18 Bridget18 Lidia17 Bessy17 Dorothy17 Grace17 Augusta17 Elizabeth17 Agatha16 Britney16 Dolores16 Emilia16 Gussie15 Beatrix15 Elly15 Denny15 Mary15 Jenny15 Amy15 Heidi14 David14 Taylor14 Joceline14 Beverly14 Caren14 Daniela14 Janet14 Martin14 Sophie14 Jean13 Sarah13 Miller13 Juliette13 Rita13 Sandra13 Aggie12 Laura12

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Worldwide popularity rank for Adele is # 20163.   [+]
Found 13166 profiles and individuals called Adele.
Preceded by: Shergill(#20158), Paladino(#20159), Mccafferty(#20160), Diia(#20161), Mcauliffe(#20162)
Succeeded by: Lemire(#20164), Gege(#20165), Tsymbal(#20166), Thomasson(#20167), Krasnikov(#20168)


English 47.5%, French 17%, Italian 7.6%


The meaning of Adele is "Noble".
Origin of Adele is English.

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