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Similar names:
Odeline  Adelino  Aadeline  Ideline  Adelina  Adelini 

Common first names: [show]

Adeline173 Jean27 Sweet26 Alexis26 Bruno25 Beverly25 Beatrix24 Miss24 Dorothy23 Daniela22 Juliana22 Agatha22 Dora21 Bessy21 Tan20 Elvira20 Joceline20 Aurora20 Belinda20 Nicolas20 Carla20 Ade20 Gussie19 Lucille19 Marie19 April19 Emilia19 Cassandra18 Lee18 Francine18 Florrie18 Lizzy17 Jenny17 Dolly17 Corinne17 Eveline17 Janet17 Aggie17 Dolores16 Celia16 Frida16 Gogole16 Barbara16 Steph16 Bridget16 Jonathan16 Princess16 Cecilia16 Betty16 Thomas15 Adele15 Denny15 Clara15 Arabella15 Michel15 Stephanie14 Jessica14 Britney14 Lidia13 Caren13 Juliette13 Zitouni13 Claudia13 David13 Garcia13 Daisy13 Louis13 Sophie12 Xavier12 Julien12

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Worldwide popularity rank for Adeline is # 21270.   [+]
Found 12537 profiles and individuals called Adeline.
Preceded by: Makara(#21265), Scholten(#21266), Nguen(#21267), Agbo(#21268), Fata(#21269)
Succeeded by: Bling(#21271), Fate(#21272), Desousa(#21273), Dancy(#21274), Boakye(#21275)


English 42.4%, French 35.4%, Indonesian 12.2%


The meaning of Adeline is " ".

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