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Similar names:
Udolph  Adolpf  Adolpj  Odolph  Idolph  Adolphs 

Common first names: [show]

Robert57 Michael49 David49 Thomas44 Peter43 John38 Mark34 William33 Chris31 Adolph30 Jennifer27 Werner27 Kurt27 Lisa25 Stephanie24 Eric24 Anthony24 Kevin24 Carol24 Patrick23 Linda23 Melissa22 Christine22 Paul22 Stephen21 Patricia21 Walter21 Jason20 Laura20 Wolfgang20 Klaus20 Kelly20 Daniel19 Barbara19 Carl19 Richard19 Manfred19 Mary18 Karen18 Christian18 Markus18 Hans17 Joseph17 Andrea17 Brian17 James17 George17 Dennis16 Brenda16 Frank16 Gary16 Gerhard16 Jane16 Justin15 Michelle15 Lee15 Mike15 Charles15 Heinz15 Horst15 Kathy14 Amanda14 Helga14 Christa14 Andrew14 Rene14 Tina14 Christopher14 Terry14 Marie13

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Worldwide popularity rank for Adolph is # 27552.   [+]
Found 9795 profiles and individuals called Adolph.
Preceded by: Sayfullin(#27547), Salom(#27548), Liebe(#27549), Grazia(#27550), Gabo(#27551)
Succeeded by: Schutt(#27553), Schulman(#27554), Garanina(#27555), Gabdullin(#27556), Spengler(#27557)


English 68.3%, French 11.3%, German 5.7%


The meaning of Adolph is "Noble wolf".
Origin of Adolph is German.

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