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Daniel23 Hans18 Paul17 Robert17 Thomas16 John16 Christian15 Stefan15 Susan15 Peter15 Markus14 Michel14 Karin13 Philippe12 Bruno12 Nicole11 David11 Andreas11 Walter11 Marcel10 Fre10 Adrian10 Fredy10 William10 Jeffrey10 Angela10 Hannah9 Andrea9 Frederic9 Melissa9 Simon9 Julie9 Sandra9 Margrit9 Werner8 Rosmarie8 Fred8 Kurt8 Roland8 Marco8 Lisa8 Fritz8 Alexandre8 Pierre8 Ashley8 Barbara8 Bernhard8 Christoph7 Monika7 Martin7 Ruth7 Karen7 Richard7 Camille6 Michael6 Roger6 Silvan6 Andrew6 Louise6 Barnabas6 Marianne6 Stacy6 Laura6 Marie6 Elisabeth6 Julien6 Rolf6 Gary6 Helena5 Larry5

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Worldwide popularity rank for Aegerter is # 128952.   [+]
Found 2032 profiles and individuals called Aegerter.
Preceded by: Badamshina(#128947), Babakan(#128948), Azarenkova(#128949), Aranzado(#128950), Amorganda(#128951)
Succeeded by: Achacoso(#128953), Wiele(#128954), Vezzosi(#128955), Tuyub(#128956), Trincado(#128957)


English 46%, German 31%, French 14.4%

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