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Peter39 David30 John27 Daniel26 Thomas24 Hans24 Michael22 Robert19 Lisa19 Heidi18 Urs18 Markus18 Linda17 Kurt17 Marco17 James16 Gary16 Rolf15 Christian15 Denise15 Martin14 Walter14 Barbara14 Richard14 Ruth13 Chris13 Beat12 Irene12 Michele11 Kevin11 Melissa11 Christine11 Elizabeth11 Jennifer11 Marc11 Amy11 Bruno11 Fritz11 Heinz11 Ursula10 Rudolf10 Therese10 Roger10 Ronald10 Nathan10 Simon10 Michelle10 Rene10 Joy10 Heather10 Andreas10 Catherine10 Dennis9 Nicole9 Paul9 Jon9 Dani9 Stefan9 Georg9 Sandra9 Patrick9 Sarah9 Mark9 Charles9 Eric9 Brian8 Anita8 Jean8 Basil8 Philippe8

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Worldwide popularity rank for Affolter is # 78108.   [+]
Found 3450 profiles and individuals called Affolter.
Preceded by: Grechkin(#78103), Gandarilla(#78104), Baxendale(#78105), Automotriz(#78106), Ajdini(#78107)
Succeeded by: Wearing(#78109), Tamon(#78110), Stechkina(#78111), Shurupova(#78112), Septiadi(#78113)


English 46.9%, German 27.3%, French 14.7%

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