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Similar names:
Igathe  Agatha  Agathi  Agatho 

Common first names: [show]

Marie43 Agathe39 Jean23 Richard12 Leroy12 Chris11 Fabrice9 Philippe9 Martine8 Rebouffat8 Laurent8 Herve7 Mademoiselle7 Didier7 Joseph7 Nathalie7 Sainte7 Vanessa7 Morvan7 Ludovic7 Erika7 Aikaterina6 Sylvain6 Christophe6 Andre6 Nicolas6 Miss6 Sandrine6 Cariou6 Merran6 Anne6 Bruno6 Bernard6 Fabien6 Koffi6 Elodie6 Sabrina6 Lisa6 Christelle6 Jonathan5 Sylvie5 Brigitte5 Jessica5 Laura5 Claudia5 Gabrielle5 Alex5 Priscilla5 Eric5 Hedley5 Julia5 Christina5 Gerard5 Danny5 Manon5 David5 Robert5 Vdp5 Virginie5 Mlle5 Claire4 Jennifer4 Kouadio4 Julie4 Maesen4 John4 Neil4 Cindy4 Ramsamy4 James4

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Worldwide popularity rank for Agathe is # 84190.   [+]
Found 3190 profiles and individuals called Agathe.
Preceded by: Gabiana(#84185), Chudnaya(#84186), Cadore(#84187), Binner(#84188), Belozertsev(#84189)
Succeeded by: Agao(#84191), Yalta(#84192), Volleyball(#84193), Umm(#84194), Temples(#84195)


French 64.3%, English 25.7%, Indonesian 4.8%


The meaning of Agathe is "Honorable or good".
Origin of Agathe is Greek.

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