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Similar names:
Aget  Agef  Ageh  Agez  Ageb  Agek  Agej  Iger  Agev  Ages  Ageg  Agem  Agel  Agep  Agec 

Common first names: [show]

Igor114 John109 David98 Michael64 Robert63 Richard52 Brian48 James46 Peter39 William37 Michelle37 Mark36 Daniel36 Thomas36 Chris34 Mary34 Andrew32 Colin31 Linda31 Teen31 Matthew30 Susan30 Barbara30 Paul29 Stephen26 Eric26 Karen25 Steven24 Edward24 Castle23 Mike23 Martin22 Nancy22 Lisa22 Anne22 Elizabeth22 Gary22 Sarah21 Philip21 Jonathan20 Scott20 Anthony20 Ager20 Charlotte20 Jean19 Raymond19 Alex19 Kenneth19 Carol19 Ronald19 Steve19 Emily18 Gloria18 Louise18 Kelly18 Amy17 Heather17 Leslie17 Margaret17 Sharon17 George16 Charles16 Man16 Alan16 Janet16 Henrik16 Wendy16 Irene15 Sandra15 Kevin15

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Worldwide popularity rank for Ager is # 30935.   [+]
Found 8764 profiles and individuals called Ager.
Preceded by: Batueva(#30930), Tsarkov(#30931), Manaois(#30932), Wolfson(#30933), Johana(#30934)
Succeeded by: Mctaggart(#30936), Proshina(#30937), Lariosa(#30938), Gluck(#30939), Carmela(#30940)


English 63.2%, Indonesian 10%, Russian 5.3%


The meaning of Ager is "Gathers".
Origin of Ager is Hebrew.

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