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Similar names:
Agna  Igne  Ugne  Agnu  Egne  Ogne  Agno  Agnelli  Agnes  Agnete 

Common first names: [show]

Agne73 Mary29 Michael25 Robert24 Michelle22 April21 William21 Richard21 James20 John19 Amadou19 Daniel19 Nancy18 David17 Mamadou16 Mark16 Susan15 Jennifer14 Linda13 Kevin13 Paul13 Kathleen12 Helen12 Angela12 Abdoul12 Anna12 Christian12 Gina12 Ana11 Maria11 Jon11 Samba11 Roger11 Hans11 Sandra11 Cheikh11 Jeffrey10 Champ10 Piccola10 Fatimata10 Alex10 Joshua10 Scott10 Alexander9 Richelle9 Ian9 Sara9 Caroline9 Christopher9 Karen9 Randall9 Irene9 Larry9 Rachel8 Charlotte8 Carol8 Rob8 Brian8 Amanda8 Melanie8 Iara8 Russell8 Christine8 Iris8 Hady8 Patricia8 Walter8 Edgar8 Marie8 Ruth8

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Worldwide popularity rank for Agne is # 51200.   [+]
Found 5332 profiles and individuals called Agne.
Preceded by: Leadbetter(#51195), Israelyan(#51196), Inha(#51197), Danisman(#51198), Asberry(#51199)
Succeeded by: Pchelintsev(#51201), Padro(#51202), Mowat(#51203), Morillas(#51204), Machhi(#51205)


English 47.3%, French 19.4%, Portuguese 13.8%


Agne is only Lithuanian name (Agne)
This information is far from accurate (Agne)

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