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Similar names:
Agnel  Aagnes  Agneg  Egnes  Agnep  Ignes  Agner  Ognes  Agnez  Agnet  Agned  Agneb 

Common first names: [show]

Agnes573 Maria98 Mary85 Teresa65 John65 Thomas62 Marie54 Tereza51 Martin46 Lee46 Kovacs43 Michael42 Scott41 Toth41 Princess39 James38 Szabo36 Agnieszka35 Nagy35 Joseph32 Varga31 Arlene31 Mark30 Williams30 Daniel30 Kelly30 Smith29 Nyako28 David28 Takacs27 Robert27 Russell27 Kiss26 Brown25 Angel25 Ana24 Sarah24 Johnson24 Horvath23 Stephanie23 Gordon23 Richard23 Ines23 Nana22 Rose22 Christine21 Jean21 Patrick21 Michel21 Eric21 Nemeth20 Christian20 Patricia20 Miller20 Tan20 Alexander20 Francis20 Allen19 Szalay19 Henry19 Catherine18 Douglas18 Pierre18 Elizabeth18 Peter18 Howard18 Sav18 Karen17 Brian17 Cynthia17

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Worldwide popularity rank for Agnes is # 4851.   [+]
Found 47426 profiles and individuals called Agnes.
Preceded by: Shoemaker(#4846), Ajay(#4847), Sal(#4848), Naylor(#4849), Dixit(#4850)
Succeeded by: Arreola(#4852), Valderrama(#4853), Roper(#4854), June(#4855), Ratliff(#4856)


English 65.8%, Indonesian 13.3%, French 6.3%


The meaning of Agnes is "the pure, the chaste".
Freiburg in Germany (Agnes Leclerc)

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