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Similar names:
Agneta  Agneti  Agneto 

Common first names: [show]

Galban4 Jenelyn3 Mille3 Sofie3 Marie3 Rogie2 Robert2 Stine2 Ivy2 Agnete2 Mylima2 Jessa2 Eddie2 Divine2 Armie2 Gbagbo2 Giero2 Sigrid2 Imba2 Joel2 Erika2 Cecilie2 Til2 Hanne2 Diana2 Rotondaro2 Malle2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Agnete is # 1169811.   [+]
Found 129 profiles and individuals called Agnete.
Preceded by: Agustsdottir(#1169806), Agunzo(#1169807), Aguinet(#1169808), Agrima(#1169809), Agoff(#1169810)
Succeeded by: Agheem(#1169812), Aghashahi(#1169813), Agelion(#1169814), Agedal(#1169815), Agarkin(#1169816)


English 65%, Lithuanian 10%, Portuguese 10%


The meaning of Agnete is "the pure, the chaste".

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