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Similar names:
Agricole  Agricolo 

Common first names: [show]

Cargill91 Michael26 Giuseppe18 Andrea18 Salvatore15 Giovanni14 Giampaolo14 John14 Laura13 Michele13 Corrado12 Francesco12 Giulio11 Cuarto11 Frank10 Paolo10 Alessandro10 Charles10 Itograss10 Stephen9 Antonio9 Rocco9 Christian9 Matteo9 Marco9 Alessio9 Simone9 Maria9 Davide9 Vincenzo9 Angelo8 Enrico8 Valeria8 Franco8 Innovacion8 Jose8 Anthony8 Cargil8 Kim8 Barbara8 Maqnelson8 Alex8 Vale8 Paul8 Inge8 Azienda8 Ingenieria7 Lee7 Peter7 Casa7 Lucas7 Jessica7 Robert7 Sarah7 Antonino7 Rosa7 Ing7 Melinda7 Taylor7 Sergio7 Antonella7 Gnaeus7 Herman7 Roberto7 Thomas7 Mario7 Joseph6 Luigi6 Gladys6 Gaetano6

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Worldwide popularity rank for Agricola is # 65752.   [+]
Found 4117 profiles and individuals called Agricola.
Preceded by: Butkus(#65747), Bissa(#65748), Bagin(#65749), Bachelet(#65750), Awol(#65751)
Succeeded by: Agishev(#65753), Abdelfattah(#65754), Stalcup(#65755), Slavinskaya(#65756), Sandhi(#65757)


Spanish 32.7%, Italian 23.8%, Portuguese 21.2%


The meaning of Agricola is "borrowed from latin ".
Origin of Agricola is Romanian.

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