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Similar names:
Jagget  Zagger  Jagged  Bagger  Magger  Ragger  Gagger  Kagger  Hagger  Vagger  Lagger  Jaggen  Nagger  Tagger  Sagger 

Common first names: [show]

Mick244 John102 David81 Michael81 Robert62 Mike60 James58 Paul57 Chris48 Mark48 Swagger43 Nick43 Andrew42 Richard38 William35 Mik33 Daniel33 Thomas33 Peter31 Susan31 Elizabeth30 Sarah30 Patricia29 Margaret29 Lisa29 Kenneth28 Keith28 Christopher27 Mary26 Dean26 Amy26 Catherine26 Jagger25 Brian24 Charles23 Barbara23 Ian23 Georgia23 Frank23 Mic23 Stephen23 Alan23 Adam23 Julie22 Tom22 Kelly22 Neil22 Graham22 Andy22 Scott21 Samantha21 Kevin21 Helen20 Jennifer20 Carol20 George20 Amanda19 Anne19 Jack19 Eric19 Matt19 Rachel18 Harold18 Rob18 Ruth18 Matthew18 Laura18 Linda18 Sharon18 Alex18

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Worldwide popularity rank for Jagger is # 23975.   [+]
Found 11199 profiles and individuals called Jagger.
Preceded by: Pops(#23970), Evgrafova(#23971), Sons(#23972), Gandi(#23973), Trottier(#23974)
Succeeded by: Franken(#23976), Sinurat(#23977), Yankee(#23978), Tekle(#23979), Korzun(#23980)


English 50.8%, Indonesian 16.7%, Spanish 15.3%


The meaning of Jagger is "Hunter".
Origin of Jagger is German.

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