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Similar names:
Abassat  Abassan 

Common first names: [show]

Gifty4 Gloria4 Fiifi4 Ebenezer4 Joseph4 Geordy3 Johnny3 Emmanuel3 Komlan3 David3 Damiebi3 Charles3 Sarah3 Daniel3 Evegno2 Eric2 Emma2 Francis2 Genesis2 Isa2 Giftyabassah2 Elsie2 Elolo2 Ekow2 Bright2 Anita2 Abigail2 Desmond2 Cyrille2 Jennifer2 Elom2 Theophilus2 Lizzy2 Yvonne2 Lydia2 Tania2 William2 Patience2 Michael2 Suzanne2 Paul2 Peter2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Abassah is # 928990.   [+]
Found 180 profiles and individuals called Abassah.
Preceded by: Abdelaziem(#928985), Abdeladhim(#928986), Abdalrazig(#928987), Abdalrazak(#928988), Abbt(#928989)
Succeeded by: Abasiama(#928991), Abashia(#928992), Aazaad(#928993), Aasvang(#928994), Zweistra(#928995)


English 70.4%, French 29.6%

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