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Similar names:
Affife  Affifi 

Common first names: [show]

Innocent4 Affifa4 Rifdah3 Hayati3 Nur3 Bunda2 Ghaina2 Immha2 Inoxent2 Ayesha2 Atty2 Affa2 Kenny2 Angel2 Anna2 Affu2 Nawla2 Nelly2 Sgorg2 Zulffan2 Sheilla2 Nurul2 Putri2 Shaik2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Affifa is # 1013446.   [+]
Found 159 profiles and individuals called Affifa.
Preceded by: Agapornis(#1013441), Agaku(#1013442), Aftati(#1013443), Aflame(#1013444), Afique(#1013445)
Succeeded by: Affabile(#1013447), Afemui(#1013448), Afeeva(#1013449), Afarinesh(#1013450), Aelia(#1013451)


English 45.8%, Indonesian 40.7%, French 5.9%

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