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Imane6 Hassan6 Hamza6 Abdessamad6 Mohamed6 Ahmed4 Ikram3 Omar3 Ismail2 Lahcen2 Mohameed2 Mohammed2 Maryam2 Lhoussaine2 Imad2 Khalid2 Hayat2 Amine2 Ali2 Ahlam2 Abdellah2 Brahim2 Fozia2 Mustapha2 Hanane2 Hanan2 Haddou2 Hind2 Khadija2 Rachid2 Youssra2 Taher2 Abdel2 Mhamed2 Lyndel2 Othmane2 Said2 Samir2 Yassine2 Yacine2 Ridouan2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Afquir is # 979168.   [+]
Found 167 profiles and individuals called Afquir.
Preceded by: Agbakpe(#979163), Agarini(#979164), Agalyamov(#979165), Afud(#979166), Afriliyanti(#979167)
Succeeded by: Aflik(#979169), Afanti(#979170), Aevermann(#979171), Aerul(#979172), Aerio(#979173)


French 66.3%, Arabic 12.5%, Spanish 11.3%

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