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Similar names:
Igbota  Agbote  Agboti  Agboto 

Common first names: [show]

Faith5 Irene4 Regina4 Kossi4 Comfort4 Paul4 Eric4 Prince4 Achille4 Gloria4 Fidel3 Roland3 Koffi3 Fausta3 Charles3 Kokou3 Modeste2 Lawrence2 Laurent2 Nouboudo2 Jonathan2 Odile2 Inessa2 Pirius2 Odette2 Romeo2 Henry2 Didier2 Dominic2 Edem2 Emmanuel2 David2 Christian2 Abraham2 Alex2 Anselme2 Bernard2 Evrardho2 Frank2 Hengelo2 Henoc2 Salomon2 Hermionne2 Helen2 Gladys2 Georges2 Georgette2 Gildas2 Heve2 Godsway2 Fabrice2 Stephen2 Sylvestre2 Ernest2 Carine2 Aliese2 Alberic2 Tina2 Sandrine2 Martin2 Wisdom2 Victoire2 Matthew2 Ulrich2 Peace2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Agbota is # 638664.   [+]
Found 301 profiles and individuals called Agbota.
Preceded by: Ahaotu(#638659), Ahahahah(#638660), Aguirr(#638661), Agdak(#638662), Agbotse(#638663)
Succeeded by: Agaka(#638665), Afrosina(#638666), Afiyani(#638667), Affectionate(#638668), Adorf(#638669)


French 57.1%, English 41.3%, Yoruba 1.1%

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