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Similar names:
Agdam  Agdal  Agdag  Agdak  Egdar  Igdar  Agdas  Agdaf  Ogdar  Agdad 

Common first names: [show]

Ibrahim5 Heba4 Ika4 Mohammed3 Ali3 Patricia2 Ozlem2 Shahin2 Seymen2 Odd2 Muhammad2 Iman2 Agdar2 Aziz2 Hanan2 Hanna2 Aysel2 Mohamed2 Kenan2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Agdar is # 1188535.   [+]
Found 126 profiles and individuals called Agdar.
Preceded by: Agnolet(#1188530), Agneroh(#1188531), Agildin(#1188532), Agibert(#1188533), Aggatha(#1188534)
Succeeded by: Agdales(#1188536), Agboessi(#1188537), Agbekey(#1188538), Agbaya(#1188539), Agamamedova(#1188540)


Arabic 50.9%, English 22.8%, French 8.8%


The meaning of Agdar is "Male form of Agda".

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