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Similar names:
Agnam  Agnal  Agnag  Agnak  Egnar  Agnap  Ugnar  Ignar  Agnas  Agnaf  Ognar  Agnaj  Agnaz  Agnah  Agnat 

Common first names: [show]

Johanna9 Emil5 Giras5 Giray4 Haidar4 Sandra3 Ingun3 Ranga3 Ihssinn3 Dheo3 Ali3 Arlyn3 Abidin3 Agnar3 Henrik3 Daniel3 Catharina3 Nariz2 Kamil2 Tina2 Kjetil2 Michael2 Yurtseven2 Ega2 Olga2 Sennetta2 Gee2 George2 Gerry2 Harald2 Falaq2 Edwardo2 Asheyr2 Ayahe2 Durdu2 Hassan2 Kalya2 Rosso2 Siuluju2 Vagner2 Remaldo2 Princess2 Keane2 Mohamed2 Norman2 Yassine2 Mary2 Zeynep2 Sophie2 Ayse2 Mustafa2 Israil2 Anna2 Stig2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Agnar is # 633914.   [+]
Found 304 profiles and individuals called Agnar.
Preceded by: Ajek(#633909), Aisama(#633910), Ainsbury(#633911), Aguspina(#633912), Agoc(#633913)
Succeeded by: Agamennone(#633915), Agalya(#633916), Afsoon(#633917), Afriska(#633918), Adjartey(#633919)


English 34.9%, Indonesian 22.6%, French 11.6%


The meaning of Agnar is "Younger form of Agnarr".
Agnar and Agner are both vikings names and means big and strong, and was therefore given to blacksmiths. The spelling AgnAR refers to a viking warrior as for many other names Gunner vs. Gunnar Ejner vs. Ejnar Regner vs. Regnar Denmark and Norway was during the Viking ages one country, but today the name is most popular in Norway, but is seen in all of the northern countries. (Agnar Nielsen)

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