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Similar names:
Antonelli  Antonello  Antonella 

Common first names: [show]

Maria10 Ida6 Giovanna5 Phyllis5 Patrick5 Michael5 Judith4 Richard4 Thomas4 Geovana4 Geovanna4 Giovana4 Gabriel4 Gabriela4 Robert4 John3 William3 Ruth3 Patricia3 Kristin3 Mary3 Jose3 Carmine3 Mike2 Monick2 Michel2 Marta2 Lurdim2 Leticia2 Leandro2 Marcos2 Silvia2 Tom2 Pietra2 Eduarda2 Catia2 Jeanie2 Weslley2 Shirley2 Laura2 Simone2 Vanessa2 Renan2 Harrys2 Caroline2 Chiara2 Diogo2 Elisete2 Camila2 Blenda2 Adam2 Amanda2 Ana2 Everton2 Gabriella2 Gio2 Gustavo2 Hillary2 Ingrid2 Gilberto2 Geovannya2 Gabriely2 Gaby2 Geovani2 Larissa2 Rafael2 Michelle2 Stacy2 Gregory2 Elyssa2 Danielle2 Elizabeth2 Adrian2 Andy2 Teresa2 Theresa2 Stacey2 Maryann2 Betty2 Carmen2 Claudia2 Drew2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Antonelle is # 495309.   [+]
Found 420 profiles and individuals called Antonelle.
Preceded by: Arbeed(#495304), Araragi(#495305), Aprelkov(#495306), Appani(#495307), Apelete(#495308)
Succeeded by: Anggito(#495310), Angarkhaeva(#495311), Andrunevchin(#495312), Amarkhel(#495313), Altunashvili(#495314)


Portuguese 78.4%, English 10.1%, Spanish 7.7%


The meaning of Antonelle is "Variant form of Antonella".

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