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John9 Maria7 Samir7 Loai5 Fadi5 Hala5 Geo5 Amal5 Brian5 Shady5 Lisa5 Mark5 Eddy5 Elie5 Nasri5 Carol5 Aida4 Alex4 Rami4 Mona4 Waseem4 Ghassan4 Naser4 Stephen4 Waleed4 Samia4 Catarinab4 Hanna4 Randa4 Basil3 Mary3 Ameer3 Michel3 Dodoo3 Peter3 Justice3 Loren3 Simon3 Irene3 Marcello3 Anthony3 Habeeb3 Micheal3 Yvette3 Yamada3 Rania3 Manal3 Frank3 Michael3 Mike3 Nadia3 Bozena3 Yousef3 Rafoul3 Jayme3 Nana3 Zaher3 Lina3 Rony2 Vilma2 Shadi2 Ruba2 Motyy2 Joey2 Saleh2 Maron2 Nikola2 Nour2 Narmin2 Maya2 Romen2 Pierre2 Naji2 Abeer2 Hilaneh2 Helen2 Hanan2 Husam2 Ibrahim2 Kety2 Jeries2 Ilma2 Hanaa2 Ghaidaa2 Buzzy2 Bashir2 Alberto2 Echlas2 Eddie2 Elias2 Elein2 Lana2 Manoo2 Chasen2 Chadi2 Basma2 Dudoo2 Edi2 Ehab2 Edwardo2 Bahouthh2 Bahouth2 Roberta2 Rema2 Mariana2 Samira2 Sharbel2 Areej2 Victoria2 Enaya2 Viviane2 Donald2 Bhalaby2 Anna2 Andrea2 Edward2 George2 Salah2 Chip2 Philippe2 Jane2 Diana2 Wedad2 Jed2 Johny2 Katie2 Keven2 Jeannette2 Reem2 Edwin2 Sarah2 Saba2 Carlos2 Choukri2 Ayman2 Joudy2 Louis2 Misho2 Tony2 Zakzak2 Yoseph2 Nina2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Bahouth is # 405656.   [+]
Found 541 profiles and individuals called Bahouth.
Preceded by: Barican(#405651), Banho(#405652), Bangang(#405653), Balubun(#405654), Balant(#405655)
Succeeded by: Badula(#405657), Badode(#405658), Azhe(#405659), Axalkaci(#405660), Avee(#405661)


English 68.6%, Portuguese 15.7%, Hebrew 8.4%


Bahouth is originally from Lebanon. There was an archbishop in a Melkite Catholic monastery in south Lebanon called "Deir el Mkhalles" or, "Monastery of the Savior" in English. Archbishop Bahouth was very intellectual and spoke 7 languages then. Everyone would see him reading and searching for information and all of the monastery dwellers ended up calling him Bahouth which means Research in English. The love of research, and higher education is well preserved and many Bahouth's have PhD titles in diverse fields like medicine, engineering, and languages. Other members chose to devote their lives to serve the church as priests, and nuns, in different parts of the world. The name is spelled as Bahouth, Bahhouth, Bahhuth, Bahous. They are all the very same family. (Hala Bahouth)

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