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Persian 54.5%, English 45.5%


True. Bemanzadeh family are originally from Yazd and Taft, (Persia) . Bemanzadeh is a Persian surname meaning Stay alive or forever alive. (Farid Shakeri)
Bemanzadeh is a typical Persian surname and it means forever alive. The background of the Bemanzadeh tribe goes back to the big Persian family of Bemanzadeh who live in the center of Iran, city called Yazd and also Taft. Some of them in the beginning of 20th century migrated to Khorasan/ Mashhad and some of them at the end of 20th century immigrated to Europe and United states. (Robert Bemanzadeh)
Bemanzadeh is a Persian surname. It means stay alive. The great Bemanzadeh family are based in the center of Persia, a province called Yazd. The exact number of the family members are unknown as the majority of them migrated to other parts of the country or other parts of the glob in late 1990s. (Chris Mota)
In fact Bemanzadeh family comes from Taft, a historic city close to the capital of the province Yazd in Iran, (former Persia). the background of Bemanzadeh family goes back to safaviyeh dynasty in 1700 AC when the family moved from Taft to Yazd to rule the province as the Safavi king had appointed the head of family Agha Mohammad Ali khan as the Governor of the central province in Persia.. The family fell apart in the beginning of the 20th century during world war one when the majority of them immigrated to the different regions. (nils verhoeven)

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