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Similar names:
Tiffiger  Piffiger 

Common first names: [show]

Elmar6 David4 Emmanuel4 Christoph4 Francesco3 Erica3 Vincent3 Evi3 Michel3 Franz3 Werner3 Andreas3 Leander2 Christine2 Christian2 Katja2 Philippe2 Eve2 Damian2 Hannes2 Idi2 Gilberte2 Genevieve2 Fabienne2 Gabriella2 Julien2 Rossella2 Maria2 Erna2 Marie2 Samantha2 Yvonne2 Ivan2 Sophie2 Norbert2 Martin2 Paul2 Pascal2 Roger2 Richard2 Marcel2 Roland2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Biffiger is # 868190.   [+]
Found 198 profiles and individuals called Biffiger.
Preceded by: Biriri(#868185), Birdsill(#868186), Bioo(#868187), Binjos(#868188), Bingin(#868189)
Succeeded by: Biea(#868191), Bidnick(#868192), Biccai(#868193), Bianchy(#868194), Biagiarelli(#868195)


German 64.3%, French 28.6%, Italian 4.8%

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