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Similar names:
Krolle  Mrolle  Grolle  Brollo  Rrolle  Xrolle  Crolle  Drolle  Trolle  Vrolle  Srolle  Brolli 

Common first names: [show]

Michael6 Mario6 Stephan5 Laura4 John3 Bruce3 Jochen3 Frank2 Chiara2 Christian2 Dirk2 Susan2 Christoph2 Cammy2 Franz2 Ingrid2 Matt2 Maria2 Vivien2 Sandra2 Bollen2 Cathy2 Bernd2 Kristina2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Brolle is # 1234319.   [+]
Found 119 profiles and individuals called Brolle.
Preceded by: Brugognone(#1234314), Brugess(#1234315), Brualdi(#1234316), Brtnik(#1234317), Brovey(#1234318)
Succeeded by: Brojaj(#1234320), Broekroelofs(#1234321), Broederdorf(#1234322), Broczek(#1234323), Bristone(#1234324)


German 58.5%, English 12.2%, Spanish 4.9%


The meaning of Brolle is "Swedish pet form of Bror".

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