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Similar names:
Partau  Martau  Gartau  Cartao  Hartau  Kartau  Bartau  Dartau  Cartaa  Tartau  Cartae 

Common first names: [show]

Isabelle4 Joelle3 Filofteia3 Philippe3 Audrey2 Alain2 Gerard2 Claude2 Ioan2 Stephane2 Elizabeth2 Jacques2 Thomas2 Tom2 Vasi2 Yanael2 Laurent2 Monikka2 Catherine2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Cartau is # 1402174.   [+]
Found 98 profiles and individuals called Cartau.
Preceded by: Casorzo(#1402169), Casmil(#1402170), Cashton(#1402171), Casadebaig(#1402172), Caruus(#1402173)
Succeeded by: Carsote(#1402175), Carsburg(#1402176), Carryn(#1402177), Carrirolo(#1402178), Carrad(#1402179)


French 71%, Romanian 19.4%, English 3.2%

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