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Jean13 Michel9 Nathalie8 Alain7 Georges7 Christian7 Corinne6 Chris5 Frederic5 Raphael5 Olivier5 Laurent5 Christophe5 Guy5 Benoit5 Joel5 Jeremy5 Mireille4 Michael4 Christelle4 Jacques4 Julien4 Marcel4 Thierry4 Hugues4 Stephanie4 Loys4 Jessica4 Yves4 Freddy3 Melissa3 Monique3 Cecile3 Florence3 Marie3 Vincent3 Alexandra3 Vanessa3 Daniele3 Nick3 Gilles3 Steve3 Etienne3 David3 Jonathane3 Martine3 Anne3 Florian3 Isabelle3 Kimberley3 Luc3 Charlotte3 Pascal3 Philippe3 Agnes3 Eric3 Patrick3 Christiane3 Jeannine2 Lucie2 Lina2 Marianne2 Mickael2 Julie2 Rebecca2 Pierre2 Kevin2 Gerard2 Simon2 Heli2 Franck2 Laura2 Jocelyne2 Claudy2 Mike2 Sandra2 Marian2 Steven2 Sylvie2 Sebastien2 Tiffany2 Remy2 Lucette2 Nicole2 Nicolas2 Pascale2 Patricia2 Raph2 Quentin2 Christine2 Eddy2 Jordan2 Victoire2 Josette2 Laurence2 Zoe2 Liliane2 Guillaume2 Gael2 Bibosnic2 Beatrice2 Cedric2 Cynthia2 Xavier2 Aurelie2 Djamel2 Axel2 Bryan2 Chantal2 Corine2 Daniel2 Anthony2 Brandon2 Sophie2 Alexandre2 Annie2 Audrey2 Stephan2 Bernard2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Caufriez is # 405591.   [+]
Found 541 profiles and individuals called Caufriez.
Preceded by: Chesebrough(#405586), Chansuwan(#405587), Cerrai(#405588), Cerofolini(#405589), Cendrowska(#405590)
Succeeded by: Casole(#405592), Carlantonio(#405593), Carinhosa(#405594), Canmaya(#405595), Candiago(#405596)


French 94%, Dutch 3%, English 2.3%

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