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Similar names:
Ploquet  Floquet  Sloquet  Bloquet  Cloquel 

Common first names: [show]

Frederic7 Stephanie6 Willy5 Marie5 Yves5 Benjamin5 Ignace4 Georges4 Didier4 Jamie4 Colleen4 Natalia4 Alexandre4 Laurent4 Olivier4 Christophe4 Gabrielle4 Maxime4 Melanie3 Sophie3 Basile3 Matthew3 Serena3 Melvia3 Diane3 Justine3 Antoine3 Andy3 Pierre3 Catherine3 Coralie3 Jeremy3 Genevieve3 Christian3 Samuel3 Gitta3 Christiane3 Bernard3 Daniel3 Guy3 Jean3 Alain3 Aurelie3 Pascal3 Laurence2 Julien2 Philippe2 Jph2 Jessica2 Christine2 Elodie2 Jason2 Marc2 Vincent2 Thierry2 Gregory2 Josh2 Leon2 Maryline2 Richard2 Aurore2 Patricia2 Edmn2 Flo2 Benoit2 Asylum2 Camille2 Eagles2 Rick2 Kim2 Veronique2 Valentin2 Cathy2 Sandrine2 Anne2 Nicole2 Myriam2 Victor2 Patrick2 Arthur2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Cloquet is # 545053.   [+]
Found 371 profiles and individuals called Cloquet.
Preceded by: Contegiacomo(#545048), Conneen(#545049), Compayan(#545050), Coiman(#545051), Clory(#545052)
Succeeded by: Clingaman(#545054), Claudiia(#545055), Claster(#545056), Ciuni(#545057), Cirnat(#545058)


French 52.1%, English 34%, Dutch 9.6%

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