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Similar names:
Granna  Kranna  Tranna  Branna  Dranna  Cranne  Vranna  Sranna  Franna 

Common first names: [show]

Michael12 David11 Robert11 John10 Ian9 Steve9 Mary8 Barry7 Ann7 William7 Andrew7 Barbara6 Alexander6 Mark6 Pamela6 Stuart6 Tarryn5 Roberto5 Molly5 James5 Christina5 Helen5 Linda4 Hamish4 Victoria4 Kevin4 Rick4 Brendan4 Denise4 Charles4 Julie4 Paul4 Douglas4 Rosemary3 Carleen3 Tatum3 Elizabeth3 Ernest3 Russell3 Bruce3 Donald3 Melissa3 Kathleen3 Elaine3 Jill3 Cameron3 Lynne3 Becky3 Nick3 Drew3 Gordon3 Sam3 Jackie3 Charlie2 Love2 Joni2 Jenny2 Lauren2 Kenneth2 Josh2 Leslie2 Mariah2 Mccaily2 Darryl2 Mike2 Graham2 Kirsty2 Ben2 Jean2 Kate2 Patrick2 Briana2 Arian2 Ashton2 Barb2 Leanne2 Tim2 Bryan2 June2 Shannon2 Darlene2 Debbie2 Chris2 Piero2 Mel2 Tanya2 Jane2 Justin2 Mandy2 Meghan2 Brian2 Alan2 Lesley2 Jacqueline2 Alison2 May2 Veronica2 Sonia2 Sergio2 Elisabetta2 George2 Judith2 Susan2 Joseph2 Giovanni2 Connie2 Rebecca2 Kris2 Greig2 Thomas2 Rachel2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Cranna is # 405576.   [+]
Found 541 profiles and individuals called Cranna.
Preceded by: Dammeier(#405571), Daili(#405572), Currans(#405573), Cumaco(#405574), Cuicui(#405575)
Succeeded by: Coussot(#405577), Cotfas(#405578), Cosand(#405579), Colombage(#405580), Colleaux(#405581)


English 98.8%, Italian 1.2%


born woodstock on canada 27/11/53 the name as my father told me came from a scotish word crannach they were small man made islands that looked like a group of trees because they built forts on them (James Alexander Cranna)

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