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Similar names:
Ronce  Ponce  Bonce  Monce  Sonce  Donca  Qonce  Jonce  Donci  Xonce  Honce  Donco  Lonce  Vonce  Doncu 

Common first names: [show]

Donce24 Donatas21 Don8 Pierre5 Dona5 Hicham4 Patrice4 Alors4 Delphine3 Donata3 Domantas3 Adeline3 Bego3 Maria3 Tik3 Super2 Savannah2 Eka2 Donnie2 Lil2 Rebe2 Donny2 Shafiq2 Deividas2 Donbel2 Paliubomu2 Sophia2 Poley2 Kristen2 Dony2 Donciuks2 Domingos2 Donald2 Dill2 Amin2 Doncee2 Allan2 Done2 Dark2 Haris2 Heelna2 Hesna2 Hieu2 Bernard2 Laetitia2 Hahiho2 Fati2 Erik2 Sylvain2 Fleeper2 Genti2 Gawel2 Dave2 Harry2 Iade2 Make2 Nasira2 Victor2 Plbm2 Tiesiog2 Zerutis2 Amelie2 Indra2 Ilyas2 Iey2 Irfan2 Julie2 Lola2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Donce is # 450240.   [+]
Found 474 profiles and individuals called Donce.
Preceded by: Droganov(#450235), Drogado(#450236), Driu(#450237), Dontas(#450238), Doncea(#450239)
Succeeded by: Djoli(#450241), Djennane(#450242), Diouara(#450243), Dimukhametov(#450244), Dikoume(#450245)


French 20.3%, English 19.1%, Indonesian 18%


The meaning of Donce is "see [Donciu]".
Origin of Donce is Romanian.

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