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Similar names:
Duraab  Durav  Surab  Dural  Durag  Turab  Durad  Murab  Curab  Nurab  Duram  Zurab  Duraf  Durah  Gurab 

Common first names: [show]

Ashbel4 Luis2 Kevin2 Jose2 Malik2 Rehana2 Syed2 Rosa2 Imoul2 Ibiem2 Girlie2 Durab2 Andres2 Hafiz2 Hania2 Hikary2 Herber2 Vanesa2 Aqsa2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Durab is # 1105071.   [+]
Found 140 profiles and individuals called Durab.
Preceded by: Duwer(#1105066), Durulmus(#1105067), Duruduygu(#1105068), Duroo(#1105069), Durondeau(#1105070)
Succeeded by: Dunoff(#1105072), Dundr(#1105073), Dunaychik(#1105074), Dumolia(#1105075), Dumican(#1105076)


Spanish 52.8%, English 30.6%, Indonesian 6.5%


The meaning of Durab is "Big door".
Origin of Durab is Persian.

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