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Similar names:
Falantine  Calantine  Valantine  Balantine  Galantini  Galantino  Galantina  Palantine 

Common first names: [show]

Richard14 Mathieu6 Raymond6 Ralph4 Carolyn4 Anthony3 Stephanie3 Renee3 Gene3 Marie3 Ann3 Eric3 Megan3 John3 Vanessa3 Rogerio3 Michele2 Kristy2 Patrick2 Lucas2 Luiza2 Olivier2 Pascal2 Poltron2 Howard2 Fab2 Osias2 Mick2 Charles2 Taylor2 Clyoe2 Gabrielle2 Louis2 Guylene2 Robert2 Pierre2 Laetitia2 Gise2 Gaia2 Hannah2 Kristin2 Michael2 Justin2 Sandra2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Galantine is # 828943.   [+]
Found 211 profiles and individuals called Galantine.
Preceded by: Galparsoro(#828938), Galliza(#828939), Galix(#828940), Galchenya(#828941), Galantuomo(#828942)
Succeeded by: Gagetti(#828944), Gagean(#828945), Gadiyaram(#828946), Gadach(#828947), Gadab(#828948)


French 31.5%, English 26%, Portuguese 19.2%

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