Frequently Asked Questions

What is Surname World?
The main function of Surname World is to generate last name density maps and secondly for ranking, statistics and meaning.

What is the source of data?
All data is crawled from public databases or websites including: social websites, census, white pages, genealogy sites, dictionaries.

How well is the world covered? has reliable data on the following countries: USA, UK, Canada, Turkey, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Romania, Norway, Denmark, Sweden.
Some Asian territories, especially China and many Arab countries, are poorly covered due to to having different alphabet characters and limited usage of standard social networks such as LinkedIn.

How did you determine ranking?
For each surname, all instances from phone books and social media sites are counted.

Where can I find information about first names?
If you are looking for first names, check

What is Out of Context?
The Out of Context is picked up automatically by crawlers from other websites.
The purpose is entertainement only, so please do not get offended.

Can I use data from on my site/blog/social media?
Yes, as long as you add reference/link to from each page or document where you use the data.

Do you have another questions?
You can email us: 

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