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Similar names:
Ulima  Elima  Alima  Olima  Ilimo  Ilimi 

Common first names: [show]

Manini7 Amili3 Robin2 Napua2 Nicolas2 Lei2 Pua2 Timothy2 Laddy2 Kel2 Ida2 Georggie2 Esther2 Clever2 Gertrude2 Halau2 Princess2 Hilima2 Henrie2 Ilim2 Yami2 Jay2 Kuulei2 Guilherme2 Moanilehua2 Roger2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Ilima is # 1093737.   [+]
Found 142 profiles and individuals called Ilima.
Preceded by: Imeran(#1093732), Imdan(#1093733), Iluminaty(#1093734), Ilmez(#1093735), Iliohan(#1093736)
Succeeded by: Ileeva(#1093738), Ilarioni(#1093739), Ilands(#1093740), Ikenwa(#1093741), Ikadek(#1093742)


English 46.8%, French 20.3%, Portuguese 11.4%


The meaning of Ilima is "Flower of Oahu".

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