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Alain8 Claire7 Bart6 Francois5 Guido5 Thomas5 Dominique4 Dave4 Luc4 Gert4 Ignace4 Els4 Hannelore3 Hilde3 Laurence3 Jonas3 Paul3 Mathias3 Sofie3 Tom3 Philip3 Eric3 Ann2 Rik2 Marin2 William2 Maarten2 Alexander2 Anja2 Gabriel2 Geertrui2 Peter2 Joke2 Ilse2 Henri2 Hannah2 Hans2 Emmanuel2 Virginie2 Sophie2 Sabine2 Philippe2 Ken2 Bruno2 Koenraad2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Jansseune is # 773829.   [+]
Found 232 profiles and individuals called Jansseune.
Preceded by: Jayagan(#773824), Jawrani(#773825), Jawalia(#773826), Javorkova(#773827), Jaudzems(#773828)
Succeeded by: Janpang(#773830), Janotra(#773831), Jannazzo(#773832), Jandugan(#773833), Janadri(#773834)


Dutch 70%, French 17.1%, English 12.9%

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