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Similar names:
Aurom  Eurom  Ouros 

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Jarle3 Erik3 Anette3 Julie3 Jens2 Godwin2 Hans2 Kjellaug2 Kristin2 Mari2 Rune2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Ourom is # 1913248.   [+]
Found 59 profiles and individuals called Ourom.
Preceded by: Oussaleh(#1913243), Ousmanov(#1913244), Ousdidene(#1913245), Ousainou(#1913246), Ouroua(#1913247)
Succeeded by: Ouriche(#1913249), Ouranou(#1913250), Ounon(#1913251), Ounap(#1913252), Oumars(#1913253)


Norwegian 53.3%, English 33.3%, Persian 6.7%


A small correction on Ellens excellent note on the name Ourom: most of the gravel in the ground came probably from the ice during the ice age (moraine). I live in Ourom and run the farm here, as my family has done for hundreds of years (Ola HÃ¥kon Ourom)
The original name was spelled by an A, Aurom. Oldnorwegian Aurr is sand and small Stones"grus" from a river, in this case the Mysu-river at Tretten in Gudbrandsdalen, Norway where the farm Ourom is situated. The ending -om is a grammatical form, which we call " dativ flertall" in Norway, (plural form). The O instead of A came from Denmark. The river "Mysu" has left sand and small Stones where the farm is situated, Aurr, therefore the name. The ending- om probably comes from the fast that a farm is spilt out from the original one (Ellen Ourom)

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