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Richard11 Daan7 Thomas7 Harrie6 Rob6 Andrew6 Greg5 Terry5 Katy5 Harry5 Henri5 Petra5 Ton5 Leo4 Karen4 Pim4 Willemijn4 Dennis4 Maria4 Irene4 Ron4 Paul4 Paula3 Karin3 Sabine3 Donald3 Fleur3 Ineke3 Kasper3 Willie3 Lisette3 Michelle3 James3 Peter3 Simon3 Bart3 Stephen3 Laureen3 Doris3 Daniel3 Thijs3 Johan3 Kim3 Jcj3 Bill2 Jacq2 Jeroen2 Inge2 Koen2 Jim2 Ilvy2 Jose2 Sjors2 Tom2 Hilde2 Hennie2 Erik2 Alex2 Frank2 Gaby2 Gerard2 Kevin2 Marcus2 Emke2 Bas2 Danny2 Alexander2 Willem2 Linda2 Marijke2 Wil2 Wietske2 Rene2 Pieter2 Marisca2 Ttc2 Mathies2 Alison2 Ian2 Michele2 Eric2 Jenean2 John2 Lawrence2 Gwynne2 Marie2 Brooks2 Pam2 Susan2 Jessica2 Alyssa2 Kathy2 Scott2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Overtoom is # 405269.   [+]
Found 541 profiles and individuals called Overtoom.
Preceded by: Parisan(#405264), Pantke(#405265), Panaggio(#405266), Paczka(#405267), Pabellan(#405268)
Succeeded by: Ostulano(#405270), Orunova(#405271), Oross(#405272), Onipa(#405273), Oneh(#405274)


Dutch 73.2%, English 18.1%, Indonesian 4.3%


Overtoom is a Dutch word. It is a dam between two canals or rivers, were barges used to be hauled/lifted to get across the dam. Now these are replaced by locks. we are talking 1200 to 1800 ad (jaap)

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