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Michelle6 John5 Daniel5 Anna5 Maria4 Tomasz4 Adriana3 Halina3 Ted3 Angelika3 Paulette3 Krzysztof3 Elzbieta3 Magdalena3 Kasia3 Krystyna3 Dominik3 Artur3 Max2 Ewa2 Martyna2 Alfred2 Dawid2 Virginia2 Agnieszka2 Damian2 Emanuel2 Bogdan2 Linda2 Renata2 Kamil2 Iwona2 Geri2 Mateusz2 Cora2 Christopher2 Stanislaw2 Kathleen2 Kazimierz2 Jay2 Jacek2

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Worldwide popularity rank for Sobarnia is # 894781.   [+]
Found 189 profiles and individuals called Sobarnia.
Preceded by: Soepriatna(#894776), Soentoro(#894777), Soeko(#894778), Sodahl(#894779), Sobesky(#894780)
Succeeded by: Snytkov(#894782), Snupe(#894783), Snoubar(#894784), Snortland(#894785), Snitchuk(#894786)


Polish 66.7%, English 25%, Italian 6.3%

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